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We know how difficult it is to find an office and we're here to help. We make it easier by connecting companies that have space with people who want it.

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We spoke to you of course

"We knew we were growing, but didn't know by how much so we needed aflexibleoffice space"

- Melissa, Network Locum - found her tenants on Spacious

"An office that wasaffordablewas the most important as it just adds to the runway of our company"

- Ben, Uniplaces - is a resident of Melissa via Spacious

"Being a creative agency we really wanted an office thatsuitedour brand and our values"

- Stefano, Nucco Brain - found the Student Upstarts office on Spacious

We have what you want. Most spaces listed are available on a 1 month rolling lease with all the pesky contracts and payments taken care of online.*

*And if you don't know what you want, we'll happily recommend you something

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